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02 November 2012 @ 04:05 pm

Я вам не эхо - дважды отдаваться.

* HapKoM нашёл в инете рецепт шаурмы "HapKoM" приготовил её "HapKoM" с соблюдением лучших кавказских технологий и многовековых традиций "HapKoM" даже лаваш на пол уронил=)

Лучше иметь тысячу врагов вне дома, чем одного внутри дома.

Арабская пословица

фиточай для похудания
футболки л2
советы профессионального диетолога
литые диски +на 13 цена
фудболки анжи
литые диски 2012
диета 3 х месячная прибалтики
гороскоп лев числа
интернет магазин iphone китайская копия
купить шины +в саратове
цены +на шины белшина
заказать футболку вольная борьба
всесезонные шины r17
как похудать быстро и в домашних условиях
правильная установка шин
забавные футболки
футболки с армянские
posting форум диет
гороскоп сексуальный женщина весы
гороскоп на январь водолей 2012г
похудеть от колена до бедра
футболка цска где купить
диета по кржижановскому
гороскоп на 2012 змея женщина
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13 May 2010 @ 04:40 pm

&& Friends Only
30 June 2009 @ 11:39 pm

It will be just Ollie and I moving tomorrow, but Doug is coming to Manc to lend a hand and we are all going to have some kind of small party together. hahah. YES

I also have an interview on Friday @ Warehouse! it is at the trafford centre though, so a bit of a trek! Will see what they are offering though :)
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14 July 2008 @ 09:40 pm
Today I did a ten hour shift at work. Ten in the morning, till eight at night. Don't think ive ever felt so tired. I got put on cleaning duties in my last half hour aswell. Then when it was 8 I went to the supervisor who was in , had been there since 5 at night, and said im going now its 8 o clock, I've been here since 10 this morning. She had a right go. She was like NOBODY TELLS ME THEY ARE GOING. It freaked me out, so I said are u actualy kidding. She was like no your not going home, carry on cleaning. Gahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Got out of the fucking place at twenty past 8 . I hate her. She was the one that bullied me into doing shifts. She is on a power trip or something. The other day she shouted at me for being 3 minutes late, saw her when i was clocking in upstairs...  :( but then when I got downstairs and saw another supervisor and was like im sorry im late, they were like oh dont be silly its only a couple of minutes ,what are u talking about? haha weirrrrrrrrrrrrd? another thing...this woman at work sounds excactly like the chuckle brothers. I figured it out today omg whenever she speaks I actually want to laugh all the time now.

Other news......

I HAVE GOT IN TO MANCHESTER! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. I just have to fill out a form and send it back to the course leader. I still dont know whether I might end up deferring. I may be saved by something called a career development loan though. Im going to research it all tonight and tommorow (day off work! - good times!) but yeah, have something to head for now. I have been bought a real good book for my birthday about the music industry. It has a section about a career binder, which is a massive folder split into sections about jobs and things. Im going to start mine off tonight :) woohooooooooooooooooooo. 
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